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Lake Highlander R.O. Association, Inc. has been a homeowner’s Resident Park since 1990 when it became a corporation. Price of mobile home including membership certificate listed below.  The maintenance fee is $207.00 per month which includes water, sewer, trash and lawn service. At least one occupant of the home must be fifty-five (55) years of age or older, with the second occupant being at least fifty (50). No dogs are allowed in the park. You may have a cat as long as it is neutered or spayed and kept inside the mobile home.

Curious where a property is located?

Check the Lot Number in the Park Plan.

Lot #137


Lot #227


Lot #215

$41,500. Separate purchase of a $24,000 membership certificate is required in addition to the home price

Lot #261


Lot #303


A copy of our Rules & Regulations is available upon request.