The Best Worst Beach!

If you’re up for a good hike and you love beaches let me tell you about my favorite beach. Make sure you have a hat, water, and some water shoes. Drive to the north parking lot on Honeymoon Island. Park the car, grab your stuff and just start walking north. Now I have to tell you I just love talking up this beach to my first time visitors to Dunedin, because when they start walking with me they think I’m crazy. It’s rocky and rough giving the appearance of a quarry. It’s a 2.5-mile hike out to the point of the island, but I assure my guests it gets better as we go. They start to look around and notice what’s so special. The water is a beautiful aqua color, shells are everywhere, and the shore birds are doing their dance. After about a half mile it becomes a smooth terrain making the walk much easier. I have rarely taken this hike without seeing Dolphins so I remind my friends to look up from those shells on occasion. Near the end of the island it’s so beautiful you don’t want it to be over. I can’t tell you how many pictures I have taken for my screen saver, one being more beautiful than the next. If you walk to the point when it is low tide you will be rewarded with several sand bars for easy walking into the water. On the sand bars will be your greatest opportunity for finding and collecting sand dollars! I hope you will try this walk sometime, and then you can have fun with your next guests at our best, worst beach!

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