Manager’s Notes week ending 6/28/24

  • Installed a digital media board in the Clubhouse to share important dates, social activities, and office/park news. If you’d like to share your upcoming events, send the info to

  • Replaced tractor tire

  • Replaced Multipurpose building’s generator battery

  • Installed a first aid kit in the Clubhouse

  • Violation notices for trash dumping were sent out.

  • Removed and replaced damaged baseboards around the kitchen island in the Clubhouse

  • Removed all tomato plants from the park.

  • Disaster Recovery Committee meeting.

    • Ensured supply trunks were stocked

    • Compiled list of residents currently in the park

    • Reviewed response protocol and communication information

REMINDER: Please continue to secure all items in the carports as storm season is upon us.

LHRO Rules and Regulations:

5.5         Only grills, plants, outdoor furniture or personal vehicles may be kept in carports.  Portable shed/storage units are prohibited on carport.

This area shall be kept neat and clean; building materials may not be stored in driveways.

5.6         All unsecured items shall be stored in a secured structure (shed or home) when the share owner or resident is absent for more than fourteen (14) days.

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