Week Starting June 17th, 2024

Attention Summer Residents

We have decided to suspend Thursday nite Card Bingo until October 3rd.

Meanwhile… We are going to play a multitude of games in the library from next Thursday, June 20th until September 26th @ the same 7 O’Clock hour for anyone who would like to attend.

Managers Report

  • Polished Clubhouse floors
  • Palm trees trimmed throughout the park
  • Removed damaged concrete landscaping/rocks
  • Removed small appliances left at the laundry room.
  • Office roof repaired
  • Removed old, damaged bulletin board outside Clubhouse
  • Trees trimmed at the North fence line
  • Clean out your carport. Violation notices will continue to go out for untidy carports.
    • R&R 5.5   Only grills, plants, outdoor furniture, or personal vehicles may be kept in carports.  Portable sheds/storage units are prohibited on carports.

This area shall be kept neat and clean; building materials may not be stored in driveways.

    • ONLY household trash is to be put into the dumpster by Members and Residents.
    • Contract workers are never allowed to utilize the dumpsters.
    • If you think, “Someone may want this”, post it on Facebook – DO NOT leave it on the ground at the dumpster.
    • ALL violators will be fined.

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