Dunedin Public Library

Our own wonderful library within Lake Highlander has a sister library located at 223 Douglas Avenue, Dunedin. Did you know that it is the oldest library in Pinellas County, founded in 1895? The building it occupies today opened in 1996. It sits right next to the Blue Jays Stadium and across the street from the Hale Senior Center.

The library is open 7 days a week. If you are a Florida resident you can obtain a free library card. Temporary residents will pay a fee of $15.00, you just need to show proof of where you reside.

The library does offer numerous educational programs, computer courses and lectures. In February they even invite Abe Lincoln to come in to speak.

The Dunedin Library is also well stocked with VHS/DVD movies, plus quite a variety of music CD’s. If you have some extra time in your all ready busy schedule they welcome volunteers.

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