APPROVED Minutes of Meeting of the Lake Highlander Board of Directors February 8, 2024


Appointment of Secretary:  Mary Lou Fraher volunteered to be Board Secretary for the year 2024.  All directors voted to approve.


Roll Call:        

Kathy Burgan              Present____X___                                   

Steve McCaskey          Present____X___

Cathy Quast                Present____X___

Jenna Wilk                  Present____X___

Deb Modesto              Present____X___

Dan Fraher                  Present____X___

Percy Way                   Present____X___


Beth Carroll, Park Manager, is not present.

Stacy Davenport, Park Manager in Training, is present.


Proof of Notice:  In accordance with Florida Statutes and our By-Laws, notice of this

Meeting was posted on February 5, 2024.


Disposal of Unapproved Minutes:  January 18, 2024 minutes:  motion made by Jenna Wilk and seconded by Deb Modesto to approve said minutes.  All directors voted to approve.


Disposition of Correspondence:   None


Open Forum:

  • Lot 244 asked the Board to purchase a new TV for the Clubhouse. Suggested a 75” smart TV costing approximately $1000 to be used for events such as Super Bowl party, exercise class, etc.
  • Lot 200 asked about the Delinquency Line in our maintenance fees. How long has this been in effect?
  • Lot 160 expressed thanks for having the approved paint colors for alterations on line. Also asked for clarification on which roads were one-way around the lake.


President’s Report:   none

Manager’s Report:  given by Stacy Davenport, Park Manager in Training

  • Loralea Beede-Slocum is the new office assistant.
  • Presented cost comparisons for access control systems for common buildings and the pool. Deedy Solutions cost is $17,532 and is cloud based and easier to maintain.  Affordable Lock  cost is $37,170 and is hardware based.  Pool/lanai  only would cost $7,452 (Deedy Solutions) or $11,106 (Affordable Lock).  Lanai door would have to be replaced at an extra cost.  Metal gates at the pool would be an additional $2,000 each (total of $4,000).  Cards would be $1 to $2 each with each lot getting 2 cards.
    • Discussion followed: President Burgan wondered if the issue of non-resident swimmers is worth the cost.  Deb Modesto wondered about personal responsibility vs. the cost which is not in the budget this year. She also mentioned that the cost could be covered by a 5-year pay and an assessment would not be necessary.  Jenna Wilk would like to try other options.  Cathy  Quast was not comfortable addressing trespassers.  Suggestions from the floor included use of the cameras to monitor the pool and garbage area, put up “trespassers will be prosecuted” signs, pay volunteers to lock up at night (Stacy said she has no problem getting volunteers for this job), suggest that snowbirds do the lock up job during the winter months and let full-timers do the summer shift, perhaps use wristbands, guests should be checked in at the office
    • Cathy Quast moved that the issue be tabled at this time, Kathy Burgan seconded, all directors voted to approve.


Treasurer’s Report:  Within budget for the year ended.  Audit is in process.  There is a pre-pay penalty if the Board decided to pay off the mortgage early.


Standing Committee Reports:

            Long Range Planning: 

  • Charging stations for electric cars – resident is responsible for installing and must have a licensed electrician do the installation
  • Peanut grass – U of FL consultant is coming to investigate grass options
  • Recommended increasing the minimum credit score for new buyers. Average score for 58-76 year olds is 740. (The Board has discussed credit score increase and has decided to table at this time.)
  • Consider installing a 3-way stop at the corner of North Street and Mary Circle East and West
  • Will discuss golf cart parking and storm drain safety at their next meeting
  • Will meet with city of Dunedin to address owner-requested work. (The Board will check with our attorney first.)
  • Additional comments from the floor:
    • Why is there a line item in the budget for delinquencies when there is already a $20 late fee charged for late payment of maintenance fee
    • A “no-parking” sign needs to be next to the air pump
    • If cars park all day in the street, why can’t golf carts do this and eliminate the need for additional cement ways for carts

Emergency Management:  none

Alteration Committee:

  • 110 replace heater door exterior of home
  • 40 cement front planter
  • 145 replace window and vinyl side home
  • 190 enclose shed to home within foot print
  • 210 replace windows and carport posts and awning (licensed contractor hired)
  • 214 paint driveway, step and door approved color. Denied – painting awning color but will allow 4 stripes of approved color
  • 228 paint shutters with approved color
  • 104 replace carport posts plus lattice work
  • 154 paint driveway steps and walk with approved color
  • 236 replace trellis on carport and skirting around home
  • 191 replace steps in carport area
  • 96 wood landing and steps moved from 85 to side door under carport


Dan Fraher moved to approve all the above, Kathy Burgan seconded.  All directors voted to approve.


Unfinished Business: 

  • Tabled key card issue and pool gate replacement issue
  • Final revision of Rules and Regulations is ready. Kathy Burgan moved to approve the revision, Jenna Wilk seconded.  All directors voted to approve.  Will be posted for 30 days before becoming effective.
  • Beth Carroll’s contract ends 3-31-2024. A farewell party will be held for her February 14.


New Business:  none


Motion to adjourn by Jenna Wilk, seconded by Kathy Burgan.  Meeting adjourned at 11:00am.

Mary Lou Fraher, Secretary


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