Approved Minutes of Meeting of the Lake Highlander Board of Directors September 14, 2023

Call to Order: Susan Zerbe, Vice-President, called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Calling of Roll: Kathy Burgan, Secretary, called the roll- Kathy Burgan and Cathy Quast -present. Jenna Wilk and Steve McCaskey-absent. Susan Zerbe and Deb Modesto attended remotely.  Quorum established. Also present, Beth Carroll, Property Manager.

Proof of Notice or Waiver of Notice:

Notice posted on, September 11, 2023, as per requirement and in accordance with the By-Laws.

Disposal of Unapproved Minutes:

April 13, 2023, minutes:  Motion made by Cathy Quast and seconded by Susan Zerbe to approve said minutes; All directors voted to approve.

Disposition of Correspondence: 

  • Local Church requests Host Home for student intern- Denied
  • Request non-relative to live in home – Denied
  • Complaint of Non-resident occupying home
  • Updated Caregiver Letter Received
  • Violation Letter sent regarding Alteration to shed not within approved alteration

Open Forum:

  • None

 President’s Report:

  • None

Manager’s Report: 

  • Will be painting the island wall, not replacing plants, looking into lighting.
  • Refreshed the pillars for the globes at the pool, patched and painted.
  • We are having a lot of demolition dumping in dumpsters which is prohibited. Reference Rules 9.0.
  • Sprinkling of lawns with a sprinkler is prohibited. You may water lawns by hand held device only.

Treasurer’s Report:  Copy of Treasurer’s report attached to these minutes.

  • Within budget
  • Engineering study review; minimal recommendations since last review. Recommend to have a plan for funding of possible issues that may come up.  Beth is currently reviewing this.

 Standing Committee Reports:

Long Range Planning: None

Emergency Management: Dan Fraher, Lot 204, expressed appreciation for the residents that assisted with removal of loose objects around homes. Evacuation is a big project, concern expressed that it is getting out hand, recommend we re-evaluate the process.  Concerns expressed from a couple residents regarding to many pots around the community and at residents’ homes.  Beth, manager, recommends that we review the rules and regulations, disaster preparatory policy/procedures as soon as possible.

Alteration Committee:

  • 181 Balwinski- Expand shed within footprint of coach.  Using contractor, getting city permits.
  • 204 Fraher- Install TV antenna
  • 203 Aucoin – Repaint driveway
  • 316 Butler – Repaint coach
  • 90 Hagan – Replace steps, alter lattice- Approved. Slabs in front to widen driveway- Denied
  • 138 Cavanaugh – Repaint coach
  • 130 Hayes/Walker – Repaint coach and trim
  • 29 Hutchinson – Repaint
  • 264 Hale – Repaint
  • 141 Bradish – Rock Gravel, Protective sheeting from weed whacking
  • 229 Enscoe – Enlarge Carport. Denied
  • 143 Lynch – Repaint Brick/driveway/planting flowers on east side of home
  • 67 Towe – Add carport in rear with roll up shutters.
  • 67 Towe – expand shed within existing carport area
  • 129 Mathias – Replace windows
  • 286 Lynch/Shearon – Paint awning
  • 141 Bradish – Install front awning
  • 204 Fraher – Plant shrub in dead area-Denied

Motion made to ratify the above alteration requests by Kathy Burgan, 2nd Cathy Quast. Motion passed.

Unfinished Business:

  • Storm Drain Repair near Lot 50

Two options presented for repair of storm drain by Lot 50 area.

Motion made by Cathy Quast and 2nd by Deborah Modesto to accept option 1, to replace 4” pipe with 6” pipe, with a cost of 25,200.00 not to exceed 27,000.00.   Motion passed.

New Business:

  • Aerator replacement                      Reserve funds                           $8,031.80
  • Storm Shutters for office Reserve funds                           $9,685.00
  • Bingo Equipment                         Voted/approved $9,500.00         Total cost: $10,132.90
  • Rules and Regulations Review in process, by the board, members are encouraged to participate via a letter or email with their recommendations of revisions.
  • Members election date will be the 2nd Thursday in January 2024.

Meeting: Motion to adjourn made by Susan Zerbe, seconded by Kathy Burgan

Meeting adjourned at 10:37am.

Kathy Burgan, Secretary

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