Approved Minutes of Meeting of the Lake Highlander Board of Directors January 18, 2024

  1. CALL TO ORDER: Meeting was called to order on January 18, 2024 at 10:00 AM by President Steve McCaskey.

Steve thanked Kathy Hartwell for her time and effort as the Election Committee Coordinator, along with the members who supported her throughout the election process.  Also, Steve announced the re-election of Kathy Burgan to the Board; and welcomed Dan Fraher and Percy Way as new members to the Board of Directors.

Liz Longhurst proceeded with selection and nominations of Officers to the Board. She called for the nomination of President: Steve nominated Kathy Burgan. Motion made by Steve, and seconded by Deb Modesto.  When asked, Kathy accepted the position of President of the Board.  Next, Liz called for the nomination of Vice President.  Steve nominated Jenna Wilk.  Motion made by Steve, and seconded by Kathy Burgan.  Jenna accepted the position of Vice President of the Board.  Liz then called for the nomination of Secretary, no nominations were made, and there will be no Secretary for the Board at this time. Liz asked for nominations for Treasurer.  Steve nominated Deb Modesto. Motion was made by Steve, and seconded by Kathy Burgan.  Deb accepted the position of Treasurer.  Kathy Burgan advised that Cathy Quast will take minutes for this meeting.  She then asked the members for a volunteer for the position of Secretary, advised that the position would be for secretarial duties only, and it would not be a voting position on the Board. No volunteer accepted at this time.  Kathy Burgan then took the position as the residing President over the meeting.


    1. ROLL CALL:                       Kathy Burgan                Present __x___

Steve McCaskey            Present __x___

Cathy Quast                  Present __x___

Jenna Wilk                    Present __x___

Deb Modesto                Present __x___

Dan Fraher                    Present __x___

Percy Way                    Present __x___

Beth Carroll, Park Manager, is not present.

Stacy Davenport, Park Manager in Training, is present.


  1. PROOF OF NOTICE: In accordance with Florida Statutes and our By-Laws, notice of this meeting was posted on January 15, 2024.


  1. DISPOSAL OF UNAPPROVED MINUTES from December 14, 2023: Motion to accept the Minutes of December 14, 2023, was made by Kathy Burgan and seconded by Jenna Wilk.  Minutes approved by the Board.



Jack LaPointe, Lot 258:  Requests the Board consider a 5-year contract with Spectrum to provide cable and internet service to the park at a range of $50 – $53 per month per unit; Spectrum would collect the monthly charge through our HOA fees.  Slight conversation had.  Question: Would their fees be year-round.  Jack didn’t know if the service could/would be disconnected during summer months for part time residents. Subject will be reviewed further by Jack. Jack advised that he would be available for support on research projects, if needed.

Pat McNeil, Lot 160:  Advised that she did not receive the 2nd notice of the Annual Meeting or the Ballot.  She asked if the Annual Members Meeting could be moved to February or March allowing more residents the opportunity to be present. Pat suggested that if more park information were posted, the members would feel more included in the running of the park.  Kathy Burgan reminded those present that the Board welcomes our members concerns, ideas. and suggestions, and a letter or email addressed to the Board, sent to the Office, will be brought before the Board for review and discussion.

Pat Groux, Lot 131, asked about the Rules and Regulations Review. Kathy Burgan advised the review is almost complete.  It should be finished by our next meeting. Pat asked who is in charge of the park at this time. Kathy advised that Beth Carroll is the Manager through the end of March; Stacy Davenport is the Manager in Training who will become the Park Manager when Beth’s contract ends.

Jim Cajka, Lot 96: Advised that with an increase of golf cart thefts, the Office cart would be better protected if stored at the maintenance building. Stacy advised that arrangements have been made to store the cart there when it is not in use by the Office.

Jim Adare, Lot 280:  Questioned the requirement of a 10’ distance between units; that he was denied an extension of his carport in the past but notices that there were other units that are not compliant.  Karthy Burgan explained that some units had extended the carport prior to the 10’ requirement being put in place; or it was done without prior consent.  The City and County governs the guidelines that are being questioned by Mr. Adare.

  1. CORRESPONDENCE: Prior correspondence from the Clearwater County Club regarding a sponsorship opportunity appears to be about publicity and is not an opportunity of interest for the Park. No new correspondence was submitted to the Board.


  1. PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Kathy Burgan, being the new President, announces that she does not have a report at this time.


  1. MANAGER’S REPORT: (Prepared by Beth, read by Stacy): The Office is preparing for the 2023 Audit. The monthly maintenance fee was raised to $240 in January, 2024.  Changes were made to the electrical pedestal in the area of Joy Circle.  Nine (9) shutoff valves were replaced.  The Office cart will be stored in the maintenance building. For safety concerns, the pool gates will be replaced with gates that reach to the ground.  Christmas décor has been taken down and put away for this season.  Beth thanks all those who helped in that project.

Stacy is getting estimates for replacement costs of the pool gates and is also working on the residents’ access to the buildings and pool: key FOBs, smart phone access and card key access are being considered.  She will report further next month and hopes to have the cost estimates for each access item at the next meeting.  Discussions: Will residents have access to all building at all times.  Yes: Benefit: Volunteers will not be needed to open and close buildings. Question: How will malfunctions be handled? Office personnel will be trained to handle malfunctions. Stacy states that she has 2 estimates now and will be getting 2 more. The cost of these items is expensive so care is being taken.  She advises that a lost FOB or access card will be replaced at the expense of the member. Stacy adds that she will be available Monday through Friday.  The office is open for emergencies on Wednesday.


  1. TREASURER’S REPORT: Per November financials, we are within our budget. The insurance premium has not been paid yet. The premium is much lower right now because of the lack of wind damage replacement insurance.  We need to find another insurer. Roof replacement may be required before we can obtain wind damage insurance. The roofs are in good repair, replacement at this time may not be a good financial option. Self-insuring may be a viable outlet if we must replace the roofs to qualify for coverage.

Our CD’s at Truist Bank matured, our money has been reinvested at 5% for a five (5) month period beginning January 1, 2024.  Financials are being prepared for the auditors.


A: Long Range Committee:  The committee will monitor the benefit of peanut grass. A few test sites set up. Energy posts are being reviewed. Steve McCaskey offered to be part of the Long Range Committee.

  1. Emergency Management: Bill Shedd thanked the Committee members, Dan Fraher, George Longhurst, and all others that volunteered their assistance during this past season.


  1. Alterations Committee: Steve recognized the alteration requests for the past month. All were approved by the Board. Dan Fraher will take over as Chairman of the Alterations Committee, and the Board approved.
  2. UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Speed bumps – Kathy Burgan researched the effectiveness of speed bumps. by Per governmental information the bumps are 40 – 60% effective.  Beth called the City for information about using the speed sign, and was told that there is a waiting list. We are on the list now.
  3. NEW BUSINESS: No new business.
  4. ADJOURNMENT: Motion by:  Cathy Quast; seconded by: Dan Fraher

All in favor: Yes      Time Adjourned:  10: 43 AM


Submitted by:


Cathy L. Quast, Acting Secretary

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