Pool pit renovation complete

Work completed in the Pool Pit:

  • Removed grids and gravity feed fittings
  • Installed an aggregate to the entire surface of the filter pit
  • Installed 2 – 3” slide valves and 1-4” slide valve
  • Installed a new float valve system for the auto fill in the pit
  • Remove the pool pump and build a concrete block platform and install pump on itand oriented the pump to line up the suction line
  • Replumb all the small lines and organized them
  • Removed vacuum pump, built a concrete block base and installed a new vacuum pump
  • Installed a shut-off switch above the new pump
  • Replumb the sump pump and seal the sump pump pit
  • Installed a new 12/24 electric pool panel with a 50 amp GFCI main breaker and installed inside the equipment room
  • Rewired and replaced conduits for all of the electrical components in the room
  • Installed a DE separation tank and plumbed it to the vacuum pump system.
  • Installed a DE separation tank and plumb it to the vacuum pump system.
  • Installed a new oil filled vacuum gage
  • Installed a new Pentair R171070 com auto feeder for chlorination

There are a couple minor finishes to be completed: a second sump pipe to be installed and maintenance will build new steps down to the inside of the pit, the existing steps are too steep.

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