Use of the Pool and Lani

Found in our Rules & Regulations

15.0 Recreational Areas

NOTE: Failure to abide by the following rules may result in removal of privileges.

The Lake Highlander Swimming Pool deck area surrounding the pool is available to all residents and guests who must abide by the following rules:
Designated Smoking Area: Please restrict smoking to the designated area in the pool area.
* Visitors/Guests under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
* Pool hours are 9 a.m. to DUSK
* No food is permitted in pool deck areas or in the pool
* Capacity of pool is 17 people in the water at any given time.
* Divider rope must be in place at all times except for pool cleaning.
* No diving is allowed
* Running on the pool decks is not allowed
* Glass items ( drinking glasses, ash trays, etc.) are not allowed in the pool or
the deck areas
* ALL bathers must shower before entering the pool.
* Suntan oil users should cover chairs before using them.
* Regular swimsuits only, no street clothing
* Babies are required to wear swim diapers to enter the pool.
* No wet swimsuits are allowed in the clubhouse
* No toys, rafts, inner tubes or rough play is permitted
* No loud music in pool area — head sets are recommended.
* A cover-up should be used when going to and from the pool area.
* Swim at your own risk.
* No drinking of pool water.
The lanai is a place for our residents and guests to relax and socialize with protection from the sun. This area is available for Association meetings, club and social activities. All residents and their guests must abide by the following:
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Social functions must be scheduled at the Lake Highlander Park Office to avoid conflicts of dates and times,
Premises must be left clean and in good condition after all functions.
No glass items are allowed in the lanai due to the proximity to the pool
Food and beverages are permitted in the lanai.
No Smoking in the Lanai

Also found on the sign in the pool area.

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